A dual initiative focusing upon voting registration among underrepresented minorities and on immigration issues affecting the nation. As a student body, it promotes the creation of new resolutions to improve the profession of pharmacy.

Andrew Golding: Legislation Co-chair


"Hello, my name is Andrew. Pharmacy school was an interesting path for me, seeing as my undergraduate studies were in engineering and computers, but my passion for helping others and working in pharmacy made the decision easy. SNPhA is the organization that personifies the reasons why I joined pharmacy school as they do the most when it comes to giving back to the community. As co-legislative chair I feel like I will get a great chance to help educate people about advocating for this great profession. With these reasons and the diversified focuses SNPhA provides through their healthcare initiatives I know that through them I will accomplish great things." 

Email: andrewpgolding@gmail.com

Goran Flajc Legislation Co-chair

Hello, my name is GoranBefore beginning pharmacy school, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology from The University of Texas at Austin. Members of the University of Houston SNPhA chapter actively strive to empower the underserved by continuously providing a wide range of services which has resulted in the chapter’s success and national recognition. Seeing the impact that SNPhA has on the community inspired me to become involved in fulfilling SNPhA’s mission to serve the underserved. The position of legislative chair provides the opportunity to empower the underserved communities by educating them on various aspects of government and how they can be involved, whether it be through becoming registered voters, contacting their representatives, or helping them understand legislative issues related to pharmacy and healthcare. During the coming year, I hope to be able to make a difference in the community by actively providing education and resources to enable the voices of the underserved to be heard."

Email: goranflajc@gmail.com

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