A dual initiative focusing upon voting registration among underrepresented minorities and on immigration issues affecting the nation. As a student body, it promotes the creation of new resolutions to improve the profession of pharmacy.

Julie Samreth: Legislation Co-chair

“Hey, y’all! I’m so excited to be one of the legislative chairs for SNPhA this year! Legislation is often overlooked but plays a vital role in our everyday lives. The laws that affect us began as mere ideas which were later brought to life by people who cared. Through this initiative, I want students at UHCOP to know that they have a voice in effecting changes that can impact not just the area of pharmacy, but the world around them.”


Email: jsamreth@uh.edu

Nils Tran: Legislation Co-chair

“I came to legislation because I care about where the profession is going. Pharmacy is riddled with laws that are made by those who don’t know what our profession is really like. Most of the laws make it harder for pharmacists to practice and diminish our ability to provide the best pharmaceutical care. I want more pharmacists and students to take a stand and show what we can do so that we can take control of our profession in our mission to give the best care to our patients.

Email: ntran4@uh.edu

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