Power To End Stroke

Power To End Stroke

Power to End Stroke

 Stroke is the third cause of death and a leading cause of serious, long-term disability in America. It occurs when a blood vessel bringing blood and oxygen to the brain gets blocked or ruptures. As a result,the brain cells do not get the flow of blood they need. Nerve cells cannot function without oxygen and die within minutes. When these nerve cells die, the part of the body that they control cannot function either. The devastating effects of stroke are permanent because dead brain cells cannot be replaced. Each year, about 700,000 Americans have a stroke. Stroke strikes every 45 seconds,and someone dies of stroke every 3.3 minutes. The estimates of direct and indirect costs for stroke annually are near $43 billion dollars.

Samantha Sangabi: Power to End Stroke CoChair

“Hello, my name is Samantha Sangabi and I am a P2. For SNPhA, I have the privilege of serving as the co-chair for the Power toEnd Stroke initiative. I love SNPhA because it allows me to give back to the community and providing vital information about strokes. This initiative hits close to home for me and I want to be able to reach out to as many people as possible, by helping them recognize the signs and symptoms, and acting fast.”

Email: szsangabi@uh.edu

Julia Roh: Power to End Stroke Co Chair

“Hi! My name is Julia Roh and I am one of the Power to End Stroke Co-Chair’s for the 2016-2017 school year. I joined SNPhA during my P1 year of pharmacy school and this organization has never failed to amaze me in the impact we make in the community. From all the inspirational leaders they invite to the meetings to the communities we go out to help, SNPhA is a great organization to be part of. As the Power to End Stroke Co-Chair, I can’t wait to go out into the community and raise awareness about stroke!”


Email: julia.y.roh@gmail.com

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