Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental Health

The purpose of mental health initiative is to educate people on ways to relieve stress and also to inform people on the many diseases that can arise from the brain. Everyone can relate to the topic of stress. Stress is when you upset your balance in life. It could be from work, school or family. In small doses, stress is healthy and normal. It is only when stress is overloaded that a person could suffer from it. Too much stress can result in high blood pressure. High pressure is the leading cause of heart attacks. So something as simply as exercising can prevent multiple diseases. Also through this initiative, we hope to educate our peers and community on other mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

Alex Duong: Mental Health CoChair

“My name is Alex Duong. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the first part of my life and lived in Dallas, Texasfor the second half. Currently, I am now residing in Houston, Texas to attend pharmacy school. Growing up I was very involved in playing sports such as football and basketball. Through moving to different states and participating on many teams, I had the opportunity to meet and get close to many individuals. From my experience getting to know people, I found that everyone comes from unique and different backgrounds. I also found that most of the people I met are not comfortable talking about their mental health conditions. There seems to be a big societal stigma about people talking about their mental health since the majority of people who don’t share or cannot empathize with those affected just tell them “to get over it”. This prevents those affected to get help. Also, treating these mental conditions is no easy task since not everyone seeks help nor is it easy to see and diagnose these conditions. I want to make people aware and comfortable about the various mental health conditions that are present around us everyday and to help make strides to end the stigma that surrounds this field.”


Lumeng Li: Mental Health Initiative

“Hi everyone! I will be one of the chairs for the mental health initiative this year. My interest in mental health started in high schooland was the reason I decided to pursue a bachelors degree in psychology during undergrad. When I heard about SNPhA’s mental health initiative, I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of it. As mental health co-chair, I want to spread awareness of mental health not only to the student population at UH but also to underserved communities around Houston. Last year I served as the mental health junior chair and gained a lot of experience working with my co-chairs. I hope to use that experience and the connections I’ve made in this past year to reach the goals we’ve set for our initiative this year!”

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