Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

The purpose of the Smoking Cessation health initiative is to raise awareness about the risks of smoking and to help people who are interested in quitting “Say No to the Pack”. Because smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in the United States, many problems can be prevented if more people are aware of all the multitude of risks involved when smoking. By informing the public of these dangers and implementing our free smoking cessation program, this initiative will be able impact many people and be a great way to prevent many people from developing the numerous health problems related to smoking.

Daniel Nguyen: Smoking Cessation Chair

"SNPhA embodies principles that I want to carry with myself as a future pharmacist and a human being. Being able to serve the underserved population is an invaluable opportunity and represents the organization’s passion to provide quality patient care to those in need of it. As a Smoking Cessation Co-chair, it will be my mission to positively impact patients’ lives in a way that empowers them to make healthier decisions for themselves. Through empathy and knowledge, I hope to provide these patients with the tools and courage to change their lifestyles in beneficial way. While I hardly know these patients, my undeniable care for their health and well being drives me to become a better person so that I can provide them with the best care as possible and I have SNPhA to thank for that."


Kim Dinh: Smoking Cessation Co-chair:


"Hi! My name is Kim Dinh and I'm from Alief, Texas. I went to UT Austin for undergrad and majored in Nutritional Sciences. I joined SNPhA because their mission statement hit close to home for me. I wanted to be involved in the efforts that served the underserved while progressing the pharmacy profession. I chose the smoking cessation initiative because I've grown up around adults who smoke all my life. Through this initiative, I hope to gain knowledge and skills to help educate patients in the underserved community as well as the people in my personal life about the dangers of smoking."


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