Pre-Pharmacy/ Pre-Pharmacy Liason*


Pre Pharmacy

SNPhA is one of the only UHCOP organizations that allows undergraduate membership. Pre Pharmacy Liasons are our bridge to Prepharm students. Becoming a Pre-Pharm Member provides several benefits to individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills and getting an experience in the world of pharmacy





Pre-Pharmacy Student Perks:

More hands on volunteer experiences

Networking opportunities with Pharmacists, UHCOP Faculty, Pharmacy Students, and other members

Mentor/Mentee Program (Mentor is a current UHCOP pharmacy student)

Application and Interview process  one-on-one assistance

Regional and National Conventions

Knowledge of the profession


Officer positions




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Jennifer Pham: Pre-Pharm Liason

Hello! My name is Jennifer Pham and I am a Pre-Pharmacy Student pursuing a B.S. in Human Nutrition. When I am not busy studying, my passions involve helping others in need through my volunteer service, singing and playing the piano, and cooking. I also love longboarding and learning how to drive stick shift. SNPhA became an integral aspect of my life because of how everyone is willing to guide you. Whether it be advice for undergraduate studies or teaching you more about the profession of pharmacy, the dedication is truly there. I am extremely grateful as every single Pharmacy Student has molded me into the person I am today. I want the same for each and every person and the way to give back is to do my best to guide you like how I was guided. This is the reason why I am passionate about my duties as SNPhA’s Pre-Pharmacy Liaison. I sincerely want every Pre-Pharmacy Student to know that I have been in your shoes! We look forward to meeting you all!”


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