Pre-Pharmacy/ Pre-Pharmacy Liason*


Pre Pharmacy

SNPhA is one of the only UHCOP organizations that allows undergraduate membership. Pre Pharmacy Liasons are our bridge to Prepharm students. Becoming a Pre-Pharm Member provides several benefits to individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills and getting an experience in the world of pharmacy





Pre-Pharmacy Student Perks:

More hands on volunteer experiences

Networking opportunities with Pharmacists, UHCOP Faculty, Pharmacy Students, and other members

Mentor/Mentee Program (Mentor is a current UHCOP pharmacy student)

Application and Interview process  one-on-one assistance

Regional and National Conventions

Knowledge of the profession


Officer positions




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An Dang: Pre-Pharm Liason

"Hello everyone, I am An Dang! I will serve as the pre-pharmacy liaison for SNPhA 2017-2018. I joined SNPhA knowing that I will get one step closer to my dream goal to humbly serve the underserved community. Through SNPhA, I hope to gain valuable health experience, strengthen my character, and of course become a better person! Furthermore, I wish to learn more about the growing, rewarding health care field of pharmacy. I want to be a part of the improvement for the health, educational, and social environment of my community. On normal days, I am very talkative and I love being around people! A fun fact about me is that I was born on Valentine’s Day!"


Idris Yusuf: Pre-Pharm Liason

"Hello everyone, my name is Idris Yusuf and I am very excited to be serving as one of this year’s Pre-Pharmacy Liaisons. I am currently a Pre-Pharmacy student here at U of H and will be applying to the UHCoP in the upcoming admissions cycle. I was born and raised in Houston, but my parents are from Ukraine (mother) and Nigeria (father). I’m a huge car enthusiast so most of my free time is spent with my car, but I also enjoy eating and weightlifting. I joined SNPhA mainly because I wasn’t too sure which profession I would like to pursue and devote my time to. As part of the Diabetes Initiative last year, I had the opportunity to educate both elementary students and University students about small lifestyle changes that could greatly improve their quality of life in the future. In doing this I saw the potential in having a lasting impact in my community for many years to come. This vision is what has driven me to pursue a profession in Pharmacy and is why I will continue to serve the underserved as a part of this amazing SNPhA team."


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