P1 Liason

P1 Liason

What We Do

P1 Liason are responsible for communicating news and events of the SNPhA chapter to P1 students. They provide a perfect opportunity for developing leadership skills and communication skills.

Grace John: P1 Liason

"Hi y'all my name is Grace John. I finished my undergraduate classes at University of Houston, so I count myself lucky on still being able to call myself a coog GO COOGS! SNPhA's roots in aiding the less fortunate, is what motivated me to join this organization along with its strong foundation in keeping up with the legacy of former UH SNPhA members. In addition, SNPhA strives to aid neighboring communities, and bridge the disparity between the thriving health institutions such as the UH College of Pharmacy and neighboring underprivileged communities. Being a part of SNPhA is a great experience!"

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