Alumni Dinner Coordinator

Alumni Dinner Coordinator

What We Do

Every Fall, the alumni of the UH SNPhA Chapter are recognized for their contributions to the organization. The individuals who plan the event are the alumni coordinators. Their responsibilities include finding a venue for the prestigious annual dinner, inviting alumni, and making sure everyone has a good time.  

Nancy Khong : Alumni Dinner Coordinator

"My name is Nancy, and I love all things food: eating, staring at pictures of food, cooking, baking, reading about food, and eating some more. On a more serious note, my life goal as a child was to make an impact and serve my community which I thought was best done by pursuing a career in biomedical engineering. However, I craved being on the forefront and directly working with the people I am affecting which led me to switch to pharmacy. When I got into UHCOP, SNPhA stood out to me because they are all about taking care of the community in every way possible with your SNPhAM.
Throughout my life, I have lived in numerous neighborhoods with varying degrees of socioeconomic status. Two things I have learned is mental health problems do not discriminate and the mental health stigma is a REAL problem everywhere. As one of SNPhA’s mental health chairs, I want to educate the public and spread awareness, change the perception, and empower those affected by mental illnesses to begin bettering their lives by reaching out for help. Hopefully, my passion will inspire current and incoming SNPhA members to join me by pledging to be #stigmafree."
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Alumni Dinner Coordinator: Aminat Tijani

 Aminat Tijani: Alumni Dinner Coordinator

"Hi, my name is Aminat Tijani. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. My country has one of the largest population in Africa and about 3.5 million living with AIDS according to the United Nations. About 180,000 still die of HOV/AIDS every year. Growing up, I noticed that getting infected with the disease is a death sentence but that changed soon as I moved to the United States. I joined SNPhA the first chance I got when I got accepted to UHCOP because I saw their standards and what the organization stands for; serving the under-served. I knew joining the organization would help me improve in my leadership skills as well as helping me to help the under-served. SNPhA is the organization I know that gives you the opportunity to improve yourself and the community at large. I hope to gather enough knowledge from the organization to be able to determine my path in my pharmacy career and serve the people. I later applied for the position of the co-coordinator for the HIV/AIDS initiative and through this initiative hope to extend my knowledge and skills in the organization. If you love to play volleyball like I do, hit me up so we can play the fun game together."

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