Alumni Dinner Coordinator

Alumni Dinner Coordinator

What We Do

Every Fall, the alumni of the UH SNPhA Chapter are recognized for their contributions to the organization. The individuals who plan the event are the alumni coordinators. Their responsibilities include finding a venue for the prestigious annual dinner, inviting alumni, and making sure everyone has a good time.  

Rica Alba : Alumni Dinner Coordinator

“Hi all! My name is Rica Alba and I am currently a P2. I like that SNPhA not only helps the underserved, but also allows membersto grow and connect with each other from now and well into the future. As one of the dinner coordinators, I love to help everyone out by planning the event that will further establish the connection between SNPhA alumni and its current members. I look forward to working with you all!” 
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Alumni Dinner Coordinator: Nils Tran

 Nils Tran: Alumni Dinner Coordinator

“This position is not just about coordinating a dinner but it’s about appreciating the College of Pharmacy’s alumni. Despite their graduation, SNPhA still welcomes them back the the college and it gives them an opportunity to reconnect with their fellow classmates and mentors"

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