What We Do

Secretary is responsible for documenting meetings  and chapter correspondence. They are also responsible for sending weekly emails and maintaining contact with alumni.  They are integral part of the organization and administration of the chapter. 

Bao Nguyen: Secretary

Hi, my name is Bao Nguyen and I am a P2 student here at UHCOP. I am currently the SNPhA secretary for the 2016-2017 school year. I believe that communication is extremely important among the officers and the members. It is crucial for the officers to convey information about the organization to the members on a daily basis so that the members can be informed of all the events that are happening. This way, the members can become more involved and active in SNPhA. This is why I chose to become SNPhA secretary to serve as a bridge of communication among the officers and the members. One of my biggest responsibilities is to forward emails to members on a weekly basis so that they can be informed of and participate in SNPhA events and activities. The more the members participate, the stronger SNPhA becomes. Ultimately, I am determined to make SNPhA more successful in the future to leave behind a legacy for others to follow.”



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