Community Outreach

Community Outreach

What We Do

Community Outreach enables us to go out into the community to help in a multitude of ways- for any cause that affects any group of people. The Community Outreach Chairs help the community by signing students up to help with the HOMES clinic, which is a special clinic focused on providing health services to Houston’s homeless. We create and find different service events to promote the importance of pharmacy or health issues. We also help to raise awareness of SNPhA’s different initiatives. We can join up with other initiative chairs or support any other cause such as breast cancer, helping natural disaster victims, and anything else that would improve the community and spread awareness.

Bryan Ho: Community Chair


"Hi, my name is Bryan Ho. I joined SNPhA so that I could help the under served people of my community. I am a pretty laid back individual who enjoys hiking and playing board games. I chose community outreach as an opportunity to benefit both SNPhA and my local community. I hope to gain a better knowledge of the needs of my community and the things I can do to benefit the community."


Lan Giap: Community Outreach CoChair

"Hi there! My name is Lan and I'm one of the Community Outreach Co-Chairs for SNPhA this year. I'm excited for this position because it directly impacts the local underserved communities, whether it's through health fairs to educate families or visiting schools to educate our youth. I grew up in an underserved community so I've experienced first hand how big of an impact organizations like SNPhA can make. Our mission to serve the underserved is what drives me to be a part of this organization. Aside from school and SNPhA, I enjoy playing board games and visiting local coffee shops! "

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