Diabetes mellitus, or simply diabetes, results from the inability of a person to produce or respond to insulin. It is a prevalent disease that affects more than 170 million people worldwide. There are three types of diabetes – Type I (insulin dependent), Type II (insulin resistance), and gestational (which occurs only during pregnancy). People with diabetes typically experience excessive thirst and have high glucose level in the blood and urine. Several factors can contribute to the development of diabetes, such as genetics, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, smoking, and an elevated cholesterol level. Even though diabetes is a serious health condition, through medications, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and patient education, many diabetics are able to keep their glucose levels in control.

Grace John: Diabetes CoChair


"Hi y'all my name is Grace John. A fun fact about me is that I love reading BuzzFeed posts (especially the ones that are organized in list formats). Currently I am a P2 serving as the SNPhA Diabetes Initiative co-chair. Initially I joined SNPhA because of how well connected the students are to the alumni, but I stayed because of the passion this organization has in caring for the community. I chose the Diabetes Initiative, because I have seen it affect many of my relatives and family friends. I feel like it is often overlooked, and not taken as seriously for the amount of complications that can take place with it. Being a part of SNPhA, I would like to do my part in serving the community through diabetes education. I hope to shed a little more light into the seriousness of this disease state, and help people prevent and manage diabetes with practical steps."

Email: steffie.john@gmail.com


Heba Almasri


"My name is Heba Almasri and I’m half of your Diabetes Chair team! I completed my undergraduate studies at UH and am now a second year student at UHCOP. I’ve lived in Houston my whole life but have spent most summers visiting Palestine where both my parents grew up. I love getting the chance to visit my second home and exploring different countries along the way. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family and watching my favorite sitcoms in my spare time.
I chose to be a part of the Diabetes initiative because I believe educating patients on prevention and disease management can make a powerful impact in our community. I look forward to getting to collaborate with our SNPhA family in making the events of this year as beneficial and fun as they can be!"

Email: hebaalmasri25@gmail.com

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