UH SNPhA at Whidby Elementary School

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On 11/6/2017 Several initiatives went to Whidby Elementary to educate students who were part of the after school program. Among the initiatives to participate were Mental Health, Chronic Kidney Diseases, Diabetes and HIV!


Mental Health provided education on stress, anxiety, and eating disorders to students in 2nd to 6th grade. And had an activity to demonstrate how important mental health was to the state of well being. The presentation ended with students expressing what they learned from the meeting, and how they would seek out help if they needed it. 

CKD committee members provide education about Chronic Kidney Disease, began the meeting asking students if they could share what they already knew and what they did not know. CKD then explained to the students how there are other functions of the kidneys. Students also played games guessing some fun facts about kidneys and they left home with information about the disease state. 

Diabetes chairs began their presentation by reviewing what they had taught the students a few weeks ago.  Students remembered the main function of the pancreas and the types of diabetes a person can get. This week, the focused on the effects of diabetes on the body. They discussed how Diabetes can affect kidneys, eyes, and heart. Then, students were given a short crossword puzzle to do together looking for the keywords that were used during the presentation (ex. hyperglycemia, sugar, pancreas, insulin, etc). Finally, students were taught a 3 minute stretch exercise that they could do independently each morning to start off their day.


HIV/AIDS educated students using a comic strip which explained the disease state and how to avoid possible ways of getting infected with HIV/AIDs.  Following the presentation, the children were given a handout with true/false statements. HIV and AIDS also clarified any questions that were asked during the presentation.

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